“Hey Ed sounds #$%@&* great, another great job, the guys love it. Thanks for everything man.
We'll keep in touch & let you know when we get more radio play on 92.3 KROCK, & also the
next time we an on-air interview with disc jockey, Matt Penfieldand!

– Dan www.FEFFband.com

“Dude!! I just had to take the time to say thanks again from our family here at
B.A.B Records Bham Ala for YOUR HARD WORK and time you placed on our project.
What we gave you was nothing short of trash (after another well known Mastering Studio
here ripped us off) and we got back something great. You went above the call, we felt like you
cared just as much about our music as we did which you don’t find too often.Turn-around time
was off the chain.....-WE WIll NOT WORK WITH ANYONE ELSE - Much Love

– Bobby B.A.B Records Birmingham, AL

"The Screaming Headless Torsos 'Live!!' CD was originally mastered by a well known and
top of the line mastering studio in NYC - and was re-mastered with stunning results
by Ed Littman of YeahMan Records. Ed mastered our most recent cd, and the work he put
into it made all the difference. Ed really does a wonderful job, we will never be mastering anywhere else!"

– Dave "FUZE" Fiuczynski, FuzeLicious Morsels Records www.torsos.com

"The remastered tracks really came to life and added some nice full spectrum dynamics.
Thanks for taking the time to get into great detail on my project!"

– Mark Egan, Wavetone Records www.markegan.com
One of the most respected and in-demand electric bassists on the music scene today

"Yo Ed! It's GREAT!!!! Clean, phat, tall, and lot's of transparency!! The client loves it!
You did a great job! Bye for now! Arf!!"

– Shad O'Shea, Fraternity Records & Positive Feedback Communications www.shadoshea.com
America's Oldest continuously operating independent record company

“Ed, I finally got a copy of the CD. It's sounds great. Thank you for such a fine job.”

Dave McNair, Mix /Mastering Engineer, NYC

“Ed's master sounds....huge. huge is only word I can think of, it's got waaay more beefy subs and low end which I would love to use in mine....but I can't without mudding up the mix.”

Zack Ohren, Engineer/Producer , Oakland CA

“Thanks very much for doing this, you’ve really helped me out. The EQ you’ve done sounds great, I’m very pleased especially considering what you had to work with.”

Adam Whittaker, Producer/Engineer, United Kingdom

“Ed- You are a genius...thank you for helping me realize what I want to hear..."

Howie Statland, Producer/Songwriter, NYC Smoke, NYC

“I've been impressed by all the material I have heard from Ed. Very good work.”

Alistair Johnston, Mastering Engineer, Amsterdam

“Ed's good people and he does _really_ nice-sounding work. Big, classy-sounding, solid. He can also go loud very cleanly when he needs to :)”

Chris Johnson, Mastering Engineer/Software Designer, Vermont NH

"The problem with mastering is you never know what you are going to get back, but, in Ed's case, I think having a strong music background and highly developed ear is why I would recommend that you consider checking him out the next time you need some subtle mastering done. He's also a heck of a nice guy and will go the extra mile. A terrific mastering job."

Cliff Smith, Musician/Producer

“Ed, It's easy to recommend you when you do consistently good work, and charge fair rates.“

Phill Graham, Doctoral Student, Georgia Tech

“Marc and I went somewhere in north Jersey yesterday to finish having the album re-mastered. The guy-who-re-mastered-it's name is Ed Littman. Fuckin great job he did. Thanks Ed. Very pleased. Really really sounds pro. Helluva journey this has been. From pre-production to mastering. A nightmare at times but more often than not it has been a sheer pleasure. “

Marc, Mean Venus, New Jersey

“We are SUPER happy!  Awesome job. The perfect balance between loud and dynamic IMO.  Nice punchy bottom end.. sweet highs. The artist said she had goose bumps listening to the reference.”

Rick Welin - Producer, engineer, B.C. Canada

"Ed, my name is Jim. I recorded and mixed the band "Providence".. I just heard the album after it was mastered and you worked some miracles. The fidelity is there. The dynamics are there.. The instrument separation is there.
I also noticed that you cleaned up a lot of my.... ahem... "mistakes" Hope to work with you again in the future.. THANK YOU... "

Jim Castelano, Mixer Music Hut, Providence RI