The Client is always in the loop. The client has the luxury to review the mastering work on playback systems that they are familiar with prior to any approval.

The way the Non attended/Emastering sessions works is, if it's an album we'll do the most aggressive song first & send that via our ftp server for your approval on the direction, tone, final loudness level. Once that is approved we'll gear the whole CD to that vibe. If you have specific ideas of time spacing between songs or cross fades let us know via email or just leave it up to us. We'll then upload a wave file of the whole CD for you to approve before we create the physical masters. In addition to the master, We'll upload High Quality MP3 to your folder on our server at no additional charge.

Voice recording/Voice overs:

A comfortable relaxed environment for you to freely express yourself. Featuring the Lawson L251 Vacuum Tube Microphone and customized mic preamps for a natural warm signal path.

Vocal Tuning:

Expert vocal & instrument tuning with state of the art software & years of experience. The challenge is to retain the emotional and natural element/personality of the performance while adjusting certain elements that are distracting from the performance. This is not a one button preset but a detailed process that will achieve stunning results while working with the clients feedback until final approval is made.

Re-Amping Guitar and Bass:

It's not uncommon with today's home production set ups that the Guitarist and Bassist has desired a better tone after the track has been already recorded.

How it works....

A Guitarist/Bassist records a dry, un-processed, un-effected track while splitting the signal to an amp to get a natural feel. At a later time, the dry, direct, un-processed guitar recording is fed to a bridging device to "re-record" the guitarist's unprocessed performance through a dedicated guitar amplifier and/or external effects box(es).

At Ed Littman Mastering we have a nice collection of vintage tube Guitar & Bass amps, along with a variety of cool sounding effects to create the tone that suites the part in your production. The studio sounds great for tracking Guitar & Bass and we're also open to help the client record their over dubbed parts live in the studio as well.