• CD Mastering
• Stem Mastering
• Embedding Subcodes (CD-TEXT UPC/MCN, ISRC)
• Enhanced Cd
• Digital Editing
• Audio Restoration/Forensic
• Vocal Recording/Voice Overs
• Vocal Tuning
• Guitar/Bass recording
• Re-Amping
• Media Transferring including:
Open reel tape. 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch tape formats at tape speeds of 1.7/8, 3.3/4, 7.1/2, 15, and 30 IPS, DAT, Mini Disc,Cassette, Micro Cassette
• Vinyl Transferring 78, 33-1/3, 45 rpm
• Vinyl Restoration/Archiving including detailing/de-clicking/noise reduction, & remastering

Project rates for mastering are based on a combination of the number of songs, including any desired additional alternate mixes, and the deliverable parts such as PMCD, DDP, Individual WAV & MP3 files or separate preparation for lacquer cutting, Mastered For Itunes, or any other special request. Please call or email for information.
Requests for re-prints of previously mastered mixes after a mix change has been made, is an additional charge.

Mastering from stems is an additional charge to be determined on a per project basis.
All other service are determined by the clients needs and on a per project basis. Please call or email for information.

Sessions must be paid in full before any mastered files can be delivered.