Dunlavy SCIIIA Reference Standard Loudspeaker
Velodyne DD12 Subwoofer
Dangerous Music Master & Monitor

2 Classe CT-M600 Mono Blocks
Ear 834P Tube Phono Stage
Furman IT-1220 Balanced Power Transformer
Furman Ar-1220 line voltage regulator

Analog to Digital converters:
Lavry AD 122-96 MK111 (Gold)
Cranesong Hedd 192

Digital to analog converters:
2- Mytek Stereo 96 DAC
Dangerous Music Monitor
Cranesong Hedd 192

MCI JH110C Master 2 track-Takes 14” reels!
7.5/15/30 IPS with 1/4 and 1/2" Head Blocks
Teac A-3300sx 7.5/15 IPS
Sony TC-225 1.7/8, 3.3/4, 7.1/2 IPS
Plextor Plexwriter Premium CD-Rom Drive
Plextor PX-504 A DVD/CD-Rom Drive
Plextor PX-755A UF DVD/CD-Rom Drive
With Plextools (Error checking software)
ASUS DRW-2014L1T DVD/CD-Rom Drive
Tascam DA-45hr 16/24 bit DAT Machine
Sony CDP-11 CD player
Sony Minidisc MZ-N707
Nakamichi BX-100 Cassette Deck
Technics M-22 Stereo Cassette Deck
J.A. Michell Orbe Turntable

Barry Porter Custom Parametric EQ
Crane Song IBIS Mastering Stereo Discrete Class A EQ Dangerous Music Bax EQ
Mastering Shelving EQ
Sequoia EQ 116 Algorithmix Linear Phase red & orange EQ
Waves Linear Phase EQ
Waves Renaissance EQ

Foote Control Systems P3S
Chandler LTD-2 Mastering compressors (Sterling Mod)
Sonnox Oxford Transmod
Fab Filter Pro
Voxengo Elephant
Sonnox Oxford Limiter
Waves L2 96k Digital Limiter

DK Digital Audio Meter
Custom Ward Beck VU Meters
Sennhieser HD600 & 650 headphones
Very Cozy Couch
Cool 70’s lamp

Dangerous Music Master
Z-Systems Detangler Digital Patchbay

Two Very Stable Custom Computers with Windows XP
Cube-Tec Wavelab 6.10 DVD-A
Sequoia 12
Protools 8.05
Algorithmix-Noise Free & Scratch Free